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Sand/Oil Separator

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Many commercial facilities have underground collection and wastewater management systems that end up being regularly exposed to harsher substances. Fortunately, sand/oil separators are designed to efficiently handle these materials. Las Vegas Septic Service recommends being diligent about regular maintenance and proactive cleanings. Find out what a sand/oil separator in Las Vegas, NV, and nearby areas, as well as our team can do to help you enjoy the many benefits of these underground tanks.

Understanding Sand/Oil Separators

A sand/oil interceptor is a type of below-ground tank used to capture sand and/or oil and materials that include either of these substances. It's more common to find sand/oil separators in car washes, automotive and paint and body shops, and similar locations where petroleum-based products are used. This specialized tank is designed to separate water filled with sand and/or oil by allowing materials lighter than water, like oil, to float to the top of the tank. However, substances heavier than water, which would include sand, sink to the bottom. In between these two zones of the tank is grayish water, which is what flows to the attached wastewater elimination source.

The Important Role That Sand/Oil Interceptors Play

To give you a better idea of the importance of having a sand/oil interceptor installation, consider what might happen if these underground tanks are not pumped regularly. Once this happens, the parts of the tank that hold the oil and the sand will take up too much tank space and cause issues with odors and blockages. These also protect the outlet pipe that goes to the attached wastewater source by keeping it from getting overwhelmed.

Main Benefits

For health reasons, many municipalities require businesses to have sand/oil interceptor maintenance on a regular basis. Therefore, one of the many benefits of our sand/oil separator services is avoiding potential issues with local guidelines. Additionally, you'll have updated maintenance records documenting the results of each inspection and when cleanings were done. You will be less likely to have costly wastewater system backups and other issues to deal with when you have a sand/oil interceptor that is clean and well-maintained by our professionals.

Why Choose Our Team

Our trusted septic pumping company has your underground tank cleaning and maintenance needs covered. Our client-focused technicians are experienced and familiar with local guidelines and regulations that pertain to wastewater management systems, which helps keep you in compliance. Relying on our sand/oil interceptor services also means you will benefit from:

  • Honest, upfront rates
  • Skilled technicians with the right equipment for even more challenging cleanings
  • Convenient service options

Sand/Oil Separator FAQs

It depends on the frequency of use and other factors. However, some municipalities or districts require sand/oil separators to be cleaned when the combination of sludge and oil gets to 25 percent of capacity.

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