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Waste management for residences or commercial operations needs consistent upkeep and cleaning by a local septic service company in Glendale, NV to make sure they do not cause sewer system backups or become a health hazard. Whether for homes or a restaurant or a laundry service, septic systems are a necessary component. That is why Las Vegas Septic Service makes sure to provide an array of services that address everything from grease traps to lift stations.

Here are some of the more common services by our septic cleaning company.

Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tanks work by separating the waste into a top layer of scum, a layer of water, or effluent, and a bottom sludge layer that breaks down with the agency of microorganisms. The effluent flows out into the ground through filtering gravel. The bottom and top layers, however, eventually result in backups. Buildup should usually be cleared every two or three years by a trusted septic pumping company.

Las Vegas Septic Service takes pride in thoroughly removing this sludge to restore optimal flow and reduce instances of backups. We ensure reliable septic tank pumping at all times.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease into the drain collects and congeals on pipe walls, eventually causing sewer-system backups. To prevent fats, oils, and grease from restaurants and other businesses collecting in sewer systems, grease traps function much like septic tanks by collecting outflow from dishwashers, drains, and sinks. FOG floats to the top while the liquids and solids collect below, thus requiring grease trap cleaning in Glendale, NV.

Cleaning and appropriate disposal of grease are required by law. And while smaller traps can be cleared by the businesses themselves, grease trap services every three months by a septic tank company in Glendale, NV, are the safest and most efficient way to make sure grease traps are maintained regularly.

Lift Station Pumping

Lift stations essentially act as elevators for waste flow. For the most part, waste travels by gravity, but it needs help from lift stations at places along the way. While lift stations handle most waste without much trouble, material like grease does build up. Lift station pumping can make sure it can continue operating as an essential part of the waste disposal system.

Laundromat Lint Trap

Laundromats, apartment complexes, hospitals, and hotels with multiple washing machines rely on lint traps, also known as interceptors, to separate large amounts of lint from effluent. Lint traps have one or two tanks that allow lint and other items to progressively settle out of the water, keeping them out of public sewer systems and causing backups. Lint interceptors should be and are often required by municipalities to be cleaning routinely. Our team can provide you the solutions you need when it comes to your laundromat lint trap.

Grow House Interceptor

While grow houses and greenhouses work with plants, operations can lead to sediment buildups in sewer lines. Regular irrigation, washing, and drains can lead to debris, sand, and leaves introduced to the system and potentially catching and causing overflows. To prevent this, sumps or interceptors allow heavy material to settle and use surface baffles to prevent floating items from flowing out. Of course, over time, a sump will need a full cleaning and Las Vegas Septic Service is just the team to provide you with everything you will need for your grow house interceptor.

Septic Inspection

Count on our team when in need of a septic inspection. We will identify if there is anything that is compromising the system. Whether it is full or leaking, we can determine the culprit and provide the solution to the problem.

Sand/Oil Separator

When it comes to below-ground tanks that are used to capture sand and/or oil, our team can provide the best services as well. Sand/oil interceptors are frequently found in car washes, automotive and paint and body shops, as well as other places that use petroleum-based products. Designed to separate water filled with sand and/or oil, all materials that are lighter than water just float to the top of the tank.

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Septic systems need continual and consistent upkeep by a septic cleaning company in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas to make sure they don’t cause backups and stay maintained without presenting environmental hazards over time. Las Vegas Septic Service provides residential and commercial septic services. These include septic tank pumping, wastewater hauling, lift station pumping, riser lid installation, and septic tank locating.

Whether your residential septic tank needs management or excess grease or lint needs clearing to prevent a sewer backup, rely on our range of septic tank services in Las Vegas, NV, and nearby areas. Call Las Vegas Septic Service today or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment. We are also the top septic cleaning company in these locations:

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