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Laundromat Lint Trap

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If you run a commercial laundry service or a self-serve laundromat, there are special considerations that must be taken into account when disposing of the wastewater generated by your business operations. The team at Las Vegas Septic Service has experience dealing with all types of commercial and residential wastewater issues in and around Las Vegas, and we’re standing by to put our expertise to good use on your behalf. We can tailor our services to the specific needs of your business, and we’ll furnish first-rate parts and detail-oriented workmanship that are meant to stand the test of time. That means we are the team that you can trust with your laundromat lint trap in Las Vegas, NV, or any other surrounding areas.

The Benefits of Installing a Laundromat Lint Trap

Laundromat lint trap were created to collect lint, loose threads, hair, and other minimally biodegradable materials that are found in high concentrations in wastewater from commercial clothes-cleaning operations. An interceptor consists of one or more filter screens and is placed in a location where all the wastewater from the business passes through it before being discharged into a sewer line or septic system. Many municipalities require laundromats, dog groomers, salons and similar businesses to employ an interceptor to prevent the accumulation of fibers in the sewer line and at the treatment plant. Interceptors are also highly effective at improving the operation of stand-alone commercial septic systems that serve these types of businesses.

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The Advantages of Hiring Our Professional Team

Although our name only mentions our services as a septic cleaning company, we also handle an array of related tasks for residential and commercial clients alike. We’re familiar with a wide range of product styles and configurations, and we’ll happily help our clients select interceptor devices that are sized properly for their businesses. We’re also equipped to deliver fast, professional installation services and to furnish regular or as-needed cleaning and maintenance to ensure that the interceptor performs its job as expected.

Quality and Customer Care Come First

Whether we’re providing septic tank services, pumping out a laundromat lint trap, or tackling one of our other specialty tasks, we strive to provide attentive customer care and honest, open communication. Past and current customers also already know that we’re strongly committed to punctuality and that we perform our work quickly to prevent unnecessary disruption to the client’s household or business operations.

Laundromat Lint Trap FAQs

Laundromat lint traps are designed to filter out materials down to around half an inch in size. This is sufficient to filter out most of the things that commonly get into laundromat wastewater.

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