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Lift Station Pumping

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Count on Our Team for Lift Station Pumping in Las Vegas, NV, and Nearby Areas

If you’re looking for a septic tank and lift station company in the vicinity of Las Vegas and only a team of experienced professionals will do, it’s time to contact us here at Las Vegas Septic Service. We’re pleased to handle all things related to septic systems, and we’re available to clean and maintain your sewage lift station.

We have a history of delivering quality workmanship on projects of all sizes, and we’re looking forward to the chance to serve you now and in the future. From lift station pumping to lift station cleaning, Las Vegas Septic Service is the only team that you can rely on.

The Benefits of Lift Stations and Related Equipment

Our septic tank services are sure to benefit you in many ways. Whenever possible, sewer and septic tank piping is designed to operate under gravity-flow conditions, but the natural topography in some locations makes this impossible. A lift station resolves this problem by transporting waste from a lower point to a higher point via a system of pumps and piping. Lift stations are used in conjunction with residential and commercial septic tanks as well as with municipal sewage collection systems.

Our Professional Lift Station Services

Periodic lift station pumping in Las Vegas, NV, or any other area we serve is necessary to remove accumulated solids so that the device can continue to operate efficiently. For our residential, commercial, and municipal pumping jobs, we employ similar equipment and methods to those used for septic tank pumping and cleaning. We’re careful to deposit all material that we extract from the lift station into a tanker truck that’s designed for that purpose, and we then transport the waste to an off-site location for proper disposal.

Sewage Ejector Pump and Lift Station Maintenance

Our expertise isn’t limited to simply pumping out and cleaning lift station tanks. We’re also equipped to clean and maintain almost every type of sewage ejector pump. These pumps are specifically engineered to move high-strength wastewater and are integral components of the lift station set-up.

Ensuring their proper operation is key to keeping the lift station functioning as needed. That is why at Las Vegas Septic Service, we recommend regular lift station maintenance in Las Vegas, NV, and neighboring communities.

Lift Station Pumping FAQs

One of the more obvious signs a lift station needs to be pumped is seeing grease accumulating on the walls. Another sign is noticing grease on top of the waste.

Offering Every Client Our Best Work

Regardless of whether we’re serving an established customer or a first-time client, we go out of our way to provide prompt service and excellent communication. We’re equally skilled at handling commercial and residential lift station maintenance projects, and we aim to leave nothing behind at the job site but the results of our high-quality cleaning services. Our clients are also sure to appreciate our punctuality, dependability, and strong, professional work ethic. Las Vegas Septic Service provides lift station pumping and other services in:

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