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How Often Should You Pump Septic Tanks


Septic systems last longer if they are pumped regularly. Bacteria convert most of the solids to liquids, but some solids remain. If the solids fill the tank, the field lines will clog, and the system will need replacement. Preventative maintenance is cheaper then necessary repairs. A common myth is that septic tanks systems last forever, 10 to 30 percent of septic systems fail every year. Regular pumping is critical to the life of a system.

Just as changing your oil doesn't fix a broken engine, pumping will not fix a broken septic system. Often by the time the problem is discovered, pumping is not the solution. Pumping is a maintenance procedure, and we recommended at least every Three Years. 

"How Often Should You Pump Grease Interceptors" 

a grease interceptor should be pumped out at least every 3 months depending on usage it could need to be done more often 

Las Vegas Septic Service

Offers Residential and Commercial Services To The Las Vegas Valley And The Surrounding Area. Including Septic Tank Pumping , Lift Station Pumping , Waste Water Hauling , Grease Trap Interceptor Pumping , Septic Tank Locating   And Riser Lid Installation.

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