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Septic tank services in North Las Vegas, NV, are increasingly becoming necessities for both homeowners and commercial property owners. With Las Vegas Septic Service by your side, ensure your peace of mind whenever you are in the process of pumping or cleaning your septic tank, cleaning grease traps, and even implementing lift stations to pump the waste out of an area or space of your property.

Whether you are in need of traditional septic pumping services, grease trap cleaning, or even lift station pumping, rely on our septic cleaning company in North Las Vegas, NV. Here is a closer look at what we can offer you in the local area:

  • Septic Tank Pumping North Las Vegas, NV - At Las Vegas Septic Service, we are a full-service septic pumping company. We specialize in septic tank inspections, pumping, and entire cleanouts for both homes and businesses alike. Septic tank pumping services help to keep tank lines clean and clear from buildup, debris, and other items that may end up clogged when left unattended.
  • Grease Trap Cleaning in North Las Vegas, NV - We also offer grease trap cleaning here at Las Vegas Septic Service. Apart from traditional septic pumping, grease trap cleaning of both homes and commercial properties is also advisable. Grease buildup can quickly add up and cause clogs or contribute to the backing up of water and waste. This will then lead to the overflow of toilets, bathtubs, and other drains located throughout your home.

If you cook frequently, flush grease or oil down your drains, or even own a commercial restaurant business, regularly cleaning your grease trap with your trusted septic tank company in North Las Vegas, NV, is essential.

  • Lift Station Pumping North Las Vegas, NV - If you have a waste overflow or backup in your home's basement or on a lower level of your home or commercial building, we recommend lift station pumping. Lift station pumping solutions are ideal for properties that do not currently have a pipe system or septic system in place that is optimal for draining waste and backed up water. Our services can help remove wastewater and waste itself from any lift station, from the current system you have in place.

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