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The Moapa Valley is a true southern Nevada jewel. Its idyllic communities sharply contrast those in nearby Las Vegas. That is why thousands of families choose to make their homes in the area and escape the big city madness happening less than an hour’s drive away. With no local sewage system, homeowners and other property owners need an experienced septic service company in Moapa, NV. That is why locals trust the skilled team here at Las Vegas Septic Service.

Here are some of the top-notch septic services we provide.

Septic Tank Pumping

A septic tank can experience blockage or become too full, which will require pumping. Our septic tank services remove the sludge buildup and restore your septic tank’s full capacity.

Grease Trap Cleaning

If you run a commercial kitchen or any other business that deals with large amounts of cooking grease, your grease traps need regular service. Our septic cleaning company also can remove all of the grease buildups within your traps. Whenever possible, that grease winds up in biofuels via our disposal process after cleaning your grease traps.

Grease trap cleaning in Moapa, NV, is sure to be efficient and cost-effective, which will surely be beneficial for businesses that rely on grease traps in their daily operations.

Lift Station Pumping

The lift station helps to elevate the sewage away from the bottom of your septic tank. That reduces buildup in your septic tank. Regular lift station pumping helps to keep your list station flowing freely.

Laundromat Lint Trap Services

Laundromats need efficient interceptors to keep lint and solids out of the wastewater. We can fully service your drain troughs and lint interceptors to keep contamination away from locally scarce and highly valuable groundwater. Regular maintenance on your interceptors helps to keep local water supplies safe. That is why we are well-versed in all kinds of laundromat lint trap.

Grow House Interceptor

Much like a laundromat lint trap, a grow house interceptor keeps the fertilizers and other potential grow house byproducts from entering the local groundwater. Maintaining them regularly protects water supplies and helps to keep your liability costs low. If you need help with your grow house interceptor, our experienced technicians will lend a very helpful hand.

Septic Inspection

Our team is adept at inspecting all kinds of septic systems. We will make sure to confirm if there is indeed a problem involving a property’s septic system. Whether it is full or leaking, Las Vegas Septic Service will address the problem with your septic system.

Sand/Oil Separator

We can also work on these below-ground tanks used to capture sand and/or oil. While frequently found in car washes, automotive and paint and body shops, these can also be in locations that utilize petroleum-based products. These interceptors separate water filled with sand and/or oil. Oil and other materials lighter than water float to the top of the tank.

Our septic tank company also provides septic tank pumping and other services in these locations:

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