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Lift Station Pumping

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Taking care of your home's septic system is not always simple, especially if you experience major unexpected backups and flooding. If your home's current system is unable to properly pump wastewater and other water from your pipes, you are much more likely to encounter flooding or plumbing problems. Reach out to Las Vegas Septic Service right away to make sure you have the assistance of the leading septic cleaning company.

With lift station pumping in North Las Vegas, NV, we can make sure your home's septic system is updated and in proper working order at all times.

Specializing in Lift Station Pumping

Lift station pumping is part of our array of septic tank services in North Las Vegas, NV. This helps to lift water from lower locations on a property line when gravity is unable to get the job done on its own. Homes settled on hills or on slanted slopes are more likely to require lift station pumping and in some cases, even a sewage ejector pump. At Las Vegas Septic Service, we provide lift station assistance to help protect your home from wastewater backups and unnecessary flooding.

Providing Routine Lift Station Cleaning

Cleaning the lift station installed beneath your home or commercial property is essential to extend the lifespan of your lift station itself. A proper lift station cleaning can help to spot issues, inconsistencies, or other hangups and clogs that may be contributing to any backups or flooding issues you have recently experienced. Through thorough lift station cleaning, we keep your septic system and lift station in working order while also maintaining your own peace of mind.

Conducting Regular Lift Station Maintenance

When properly maintained, a lift station may last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. At Las Vegas Septic Service, we provide ongoing lift station maintenance to keep lift stations in working order with ongoing and consistent inspections through the years.

Delivering Effective Sewage Ejector Pump

At Las Vegas Septic Service, we can also help with a sewage ejector pump. A sewage ejector pump can help to clear major obstructive clogs and backups found deep within sewage drains and current systems in place.

Benefit from Quality Lift Station Solutions

Lift stations are tasked with moving the waste from municipal sewage systems and local septic tanks to high points via piping and pumps. By keeping lift stations clear through a pumping service, we can make sure to maintain your efficient operations. Las Vegas Septic Service takes pride in the methods and equipment we utilize to keep lift station systems clear. We also ensure proper disposal offsite.

Las Vegas Septic Service can pump out and clean your sewage lift station as well as in the following locations:

Red Flags to Check

  • Worn-out impeller
  • Worn-out volutes

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