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Grease Trap Cleaning

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High-Quality Grease Trap Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV, and Nearby Areas

Your grease trap is an important part of your business. Once it is no longer in perfect working order, it jeopardizes your chances of passing a health inspection, much less achieving your business goals. The best way to make sure your grease trap never gives you a moment's worry is enlisting the help of Las Vegas Septic Service. We offer a range of grease trap services in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas, including pumping, maintenance, and cleaning.

A properly functioning grease or lint trap is designed so that greasy water has an opportunity to cool before reaching the city sewer line or septic tank. Baffles at the grease traps inlet trap the cooled grease. If the grease trap fails to work properly, the fat, oil, and grease (FOG) elude the trap and enter the city sewer line or your septic system they contaminate the entire system. The more your septic system fills with grease, the greater the risk of your system's pipes clogging, which leads to breaks, backups, and leaks. Routine grease trap cleaning in Las Vegas, NV, and nearby areas is the best way to avoid serious grease trap and septic problems.

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The Importance of Good Grease Trap Maintenance

We firmly believe that cleaning and grease trap maintenance in Las Vegas, NV, and neighboring areas are keys to avoiding having to make unexpected repairs to your grease trap and septic system in the future. Many of our previous clients have experienced that the cost of maintenance and grease pumping is significantly more affordable than emergency repairs.

Failing to have your grease trap regularly pumped and cleaned during grease trap maintenance routines leads to a build-up of sulfuric acid. In small amounts, the sulfuric acid doesn't impact anything, but as time passes, it steadily damages both the grease trap and your septic system. The most obvious sign that there is too much sulfuric acid in the tank is the smell of rotting food. Since the scent offends most guests, most restaurateurs have our septic cleaning company service the grease trap at regular intervals.

FAQs on Grease Trap Cleaning

How often should grease traps be cleaned professionally?

It depends on the number of fats, oils, and greases (FOGs) normally accumulating in your grease traps. In general, the recommendation for professional grease trap cleaning is every one to three months. You will need to have this done more often if your traps are heavily used, as is often the case with grease traps for commercial kitchens.

What are signs it's time to have grease traps cleaned?

One of the clear indications you need grease trap pumping is noticing strong or foul odors. Other signs to look for include slow-moving drains, frequent clogs or backups, and grease backing up in other places, like water lines or sinks.

What can be done to keep grease traps working properly between professional cleanings?

One step you can take to ensure your kitchen grease trap functions properly is to occasionally use a shop vacuum to remove any lingering or accumulated FOGs. It can also be helpful to watch what goes into your kitchen or commercial drains as much as possible.

Why is professional grease trap cleaning beneficial?

Professional grease trap service  makes sure that everything related to your grease trap is properly and fully cleared, cleaned, and inspected. This is ultimately good for your business and budget along with your septic or sewer system.

What's involved with grease trap maintenance?

Regular residential or commercial grease trap cleaning is certainly an important part of regular grease trap maintenance. This process also includes inspections of grease trap plumbing and related components. What this does is allow any issues to be addressed before your traps fail or leave you with messy or costly backups.

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