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A properly maintained septic tank can last anywhere from 30-50 years and beyond, making it one of the most integral elements of any home or property. In some cases, modern and plastic septic tanks may last even longer with proper and ongoing maintenance. For reliable septic tank services trust only Vegas Septic Service.

Whether you are searching for a traditional pumping service, a complete cleanout of your septic tank, or even emptying out, we can help. Here is a look at what our septic cleaning company in Las Vegas, NV, can provide you:

  • Septic Tank Pumping - For a proper and thorough system cleaning, turn to the top septic pumping company. The team at Las Vegas Septic Service takes pride in our expertise in septic tank pumping. This beneficial solution helps to keep tanks from accumulating waste buildup, debris, and other materials that contribute to clogs and costly repairs or replacements. Keep in mind that proper septic tank pumping can help to keep the tank itself free and clear from issues that may ultimately require expensive replacements. Be sure to reach out to our team right away to make the most of your system’s performance.
  • Grease Trap Cleaning - At Last Vegas Septic Service, we know just how important it is to provide grease trap cleaning. Whether you own a business that works with plenty of greases or if you cook regularly at home and have not had your septic tank pumped in years, schedule an appointment for our grease trap cleaning services. Las Vegas Septic Service specializes in professional grease trap cleaning to prevent clogs from building or stopping your septic tank and plumbing system from working properly altogether. If enough grease is able to build within your septic tank and plumbing pipelines, you run the risk of expensive repairs and costly replacement from becoming necessary. For proper and professional grease trap cleaning, turn to the leading septic service company in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Lift Station Pumping - At Las Vegas Septic Service, we also offer lift station pumping, for those who are experiencing waste buildup or waste backups in lower levels or basements of their homes. With our professional septic tank company, you can ensure your peace of mind while we work to drain and remove any water backups, overflows, or waste from your septic tank altogether with the use of septic tank pumping, cleanouts, and even lift station pumping services.
  • Laundromat Lint Trap - If you're running a laundromat, an interceptor is often required and necessary to prevent larger items that don't biodegrade at all or well from getting into your drain lines or the local sewer system. We provide prompt, cost-effective laundromat lint trap service that includes routine filter cleanings and interceptor inspections.
  • Grow House Interceptors - Improve the efficiency of your indoor growing spaces in Las Vegas with proper grow house interceptor installation, repair, and maintenance. Regular cleaning also improves the ability to maintain optimal filtration to minimize wastewater issues or the risk of drain blockages.
  • Septic Inspections - Don't be left in the dark when it comes to your septic system in Las Vegas. Our experienced technicians perform affordable, informative, and money-saving septic inspections. Our detail-oriented technicians thoroughly inspect all key components of your septic system to determine if there are issues with flow, capacity, or overall function and efficiency.
  • Sand/Oil Separators - Car washes and similar business operations in Las Vegas, NV, where sand and oil regularly go into drains benefit from sand/oil separators. Reduce the risk of being surprised by unexpected below-ground tank issues by contacting us about regular maintenance that includes professional pumpings and inspections.

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