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Holding Tank Rentals

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We Provide Holding Tank Rentals in Las Vegas, NV, and Nearby Areas

Trust Las Vegas Septic Service for all your waste removal and related cleanup and waste management needs. One way we meet the needs of our clients in the Las Vegas area is by offering convenient and affordable septic holding tank rental services. We make these tanks available for a variety of temporary waste storage needs.

A waste holding tank is a large tank used to hold and collect sewage and other materials from various residential and commercial facilities and properties. These materials are meant to be held for safe and proper disposal at a later date at an approved location.

What Are They Ideal For?

In addition to what we already mentioned above, holding tanks can be used for a variety of temporary waste disposal needs in the Las Vegas area.

Additional possibilities with a wastewater holding tank includes:

  • Food-related waste
  • Toilet waste
  • Gray shower water or freshwater

Holding tanks have many practical and beneficial uses. Construction site projects, for example, can be completed with improved efficiency with a waste water holding tank

  • Large private events
  • Venue-based events like concerts
  • Special outdoor events where large crowds are expected to attend

What Are the Benefits of Holding Tanks?

A wastewater holding tank system can save businesses, like busy restaurants, for instance, time and money by providing a practical way to store materials that need to be kept away from sanitary spaces like the kitchen area. This comes with an assortment of health-related benefits - and it reduces the risk of health code violations. This also applies to times when sewage might overflow and need to be temporarily stored. With toilet waste, among the benefits is being able to use portable restrooms for more extended periods safely.

Rely on Our Team for Holding Tank Rentals

Our technicians take care of everything with holding tanks, from the initial set-up to removal and proper disposal of the temporarily stored materials. When you turn to us for waste holding tank rentals, you can be assured of a seamless and productive experience from start to finish. You'll also find our prices fair and our team helpful.

Count on us whenever you need the following:

  • 30 gallon holding tank
  • 50 gallon holding tank
  • 300 gallon above ground septic holding tank
  • 300 gallon septic holding tank
  • 500 gallon septic holding tank
  • 1000 gallon septic holding tank
  • 1500 gallon septic holding tank
  • 2000 gallon holding tank
  • 2000 gallon septic holding tank

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