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What Not to Put In Your RV Waste Tank

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Whether you use your RV for weekend trips or live there full-time, it’s critical to know how to care for its waste management system. That’s where the team at Las Vegas Septic Service comes in. Although our name only alludes to our expertise with septic tank pumping and septic tank cleaning in Henderson, NV, we possess extensive knowledge about RV waste tanks as well. We’re pleased to offer the following advice for the benefit of our current and prospective clientele.

Keep out Solid Materials

Food scraps, hair, nail clippings and other items should never be flushed into your RV waste tank. These items can cause pipe clogs and other problems in septic tanks and RV waste tanks alike and can lead to untimely RV tank or septic tank maintenance in Henderson, NV.

Avoid Unnecessary Paper Products

As is the case with a septic system in Henderson, NV, only standard toilet paper should be used with your RV waste collection system. Paper towels, napkins, facial tissue and all other paper should be collected in a trash can for proper disposal.

Avoid Using Strong Chemicals

Using bleach and other chemical agents for cleaning may seem like a good idea, but they are not ideal when you have a localized waste collection system like a septic system or RV waste tank. A call to us for RV waste tank repair or septic tank pumping in Henderson, NV is in order if you believe that you may have damaged your system with chemical cleaning products.

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