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How Often Should You Schedule a Septic Tank Pumping?

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It’s fairly common knowledge that you should get in touch with an expert right away if you notice a problem with your septic system in North Las Vegas, NV. Keep in mind that many septic system issues can be avoided with regular cleaning and preventive maintenance. The team here at Las Vegas Septic Service offers the following advice on when to arrange for your septic system to be pumped.

In Accordance with Installer Instructions

If your system is new or if it has recently been replaced, the system installer will usually suggest an interval for having it cleaned. The recommended time between septic services in North Las Vegas, NV generally varies based upon the size of the system, the type of treatment equipment, and other key factors.

After a Prolonged Period of Disuse

Hiring our team to provide septic system inspection and septic tank pumping in North Las Vegas, NV is a great idea if you’re moving into a property that’s been vacant for an extended period of time. Septic system components may break down and water and solid material can accumulate in the tank if the system is not in regular use.

Before Selling Your Home

Staying on top of your septic tank maintenance in North Las Vegas, NV can be a major selling point if your home or business is on the market. Many prospective buyers want to deal with as little maintenance as possible with their newly acquired properties, and a clean, well-maintained septic system may make your property more appealing when they consider their options.

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